Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Friday, February 5, 2010


Sometimes in the dark of night,
I sit upright,
Feeling a fright inside,
A dream so bright,
Will be again out of sight,
With the dawn's twilight,
So I try not to sleep,
As I don't want dreams which I can't keep,
To avoid the nightmares,
Dauntingly they stare,
Straight into the eyes,
And a part of me dies,
To make me realise -
"You wake up from dreams,
Sometimes you may scream,
You may have to pass through storms,
Only to make a way safe home ."

Dr. Pritesh


swadha said... surely have come a long way from the boy I knew, once!

Great writing!

And how badly do I understand the feeling of not wanting my dreams to get over...I cant tell! Pity...somehow, they do! They say you can make all your dreams come true only if you work towards them! I wish twas true..!!

Some dreams...well...they always remain dreams...!!

Dr. Pritesh said...

life has changed, people have changed, places have changed so who am I to remain still.... but still I look back at times... the good old days... the dreams... some of which came true.. some which were too good to be true... still working my way towards many of my unfulfilled ones... dreams will remain dreams only if u want to... else get up n fetch them..