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Simply Pritesh
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Act of Perfection : Dedicated to MBBS'05 batch

Being too good or being too bad,
Bothways people will have a problem with that,
Years and years have gone past,
They still believe I display an act.

Being afraid their evil will reveal,
Goodness is what they try to conceal,
And say "Ah! Its good to be a little nerdy,
Coz persons so good don't exist, I am telling you buddy."

They hate themselves, so they hate others,
Forgetting that we are all kins of one Father.
Impurities inside them can't wait to have an effect.
And they try to affect the persons "trying to be perfect".

I have tried and I have tried hard,
Even tried to make milk from curd,
You can change yourself you can't change the world,
Coz goodness comes from inside, not by few poetic words.

So let them move, let them move in "herd",
Coz its really an irreversible process to make "milk from curd",
I am not perfect and I don't want to be,
But I will try to approach perfection and one day you may see.

Dr. Pritesh

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