Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Saturday, February 20, 2010


In my previous post I mentioned that this poet found his poetic paradise...
So here is the result...
Three Haiku's(short poems) back to back....

Addiction gets you high,
Surmounts mountains and takes you far in the sky,
My friends ask me ‘Just give it a try’ ,
I always refuse and remember ‘you’ thats why,
Coz your love is my addiction,
Ohh Dear !!! Did I just make you cry ??



swadha said...


You know...Murphy's Law says that we alwayz get addicted to wrong things...fattening food or a person in love with someone else!! :-P

Dr. Pritesh said...

well its addiction after all... it wouldn't have been bad if it was wid good thiongs u c... ehab calling !!!!!lolz... just wanna say... one life to love... one love for life... coming soon!!:-)