Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The gifts you gave, 27 of them..
Love incorporated in each emblem..
The football mug sits over my desk pretty..
Reminds of the day when together we had tea..
The alarm clock has a guitar that comes alive..
To wake your man who is already sleep deprived..
The vase has no flowers still..
Waiting fr my princess' roses to get filled..
Two frames sit high on the rack..
Our moments captured to be put back to back..
The blanket reminds me of you..
I wrap it around to get a feel of you..
The pillow is my saviour when I am alone..
I hug it tight while lying prone..
The gadget has you in every screen..
Around the woods where we lean..
The drape is warm but not yet used up.
With you not around , I no more feel like dressing up..
The chime and the catcher keeps me sound at night..
The earcuffs are warm and light...
The sandals make me look like bugs bunny
The piggy bank helps me save money..
The candles are waiting fr you to ignite
The shower the soap and the moment right..
The costers and the crystals have found there place..
With your pretty face on, they will never be misplaced..
The jacket is thin but your love keeps me warm..
My best gift is you ..your smile and your charm. Thank you so much love.


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