Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mirages : Dedicated to all the persons who got hurt by life sometime knowingly or unknowingly

Really have to feel that way while writing this, Thank You. Friends. Just hope I did justice to this piece.... For everyone :-

I can't be like you,
I just can't coz I really don't
Its not you what I want,
Its me what I want,
Me, who got lost somewhere,
Me, who used to love and care,
Me, who was someone,
Me, who used to work a tonne,
Me, who could see through the lines and read minds,
I lost my soul which was dear to me and one of its kind.
Me who used to rise and shine,
Who could work non-stop six to nine,
All got lost in a Blitzkrieg,
Making me close to a freak,
I fell, I stood up not my first time,
I won't change, I have been primed,
Nobody has to worry, live your life,
Coz life is a circus, you will have to walk on knife,
Have walked alone and will continue,
Taking along persons which are my chosen few,
Nobody cares, why should one ?
Who am I, just someone,
Alas! I have a good memory, I regret,
I just can't forget things which I want to forget,
People are waiting out there with fishing nets,
Snap, catch, wobble and slowly the body rests,
Its just fun for some while setting sun for some,
Bashing doors on your face after they ask to come,
Don't know where to stop,
Lost in their own world listening hip-hop,
Need someone to shop,
Not months of waiting non-stop,
Ha ha ha !!!! What a comedy !!!!
World !!!! Some people are really shady !!! :-)


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