Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Lost in transition,
I desire never to be found again,
Done with the Ignition,
Feeling the tranquilism,
There is no place for materialism.

Enjoying the lonesome ride like never before,
Feeling like the sea having no shore,
Meeting the person deep inside the core,
Desires perished, wanting something no more,
Getting control of the basic instinct no. four.

Not static but the ship is on its way,
The water is wide open, slowly it sways,
Want a lighthouse, a harbour ? - Nay!!
while the sun shines make the hay,
Wake up traveller, no time to lay,
A day utilised, unlike yesterday,
Someone is watching, but He won't say,
A Godsend, An Angel makes my day !!!!


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