Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Mature Step Into The World : Dedicated to all the Surgeons

You may have got a Life,
But, I've got Lives.
Lives which get affected by my sheer presence or absence,
Believe me this job is no nuisance.
They come and go,
Some knew me, others now they know.

These gloved hands seldom shiver,
Draining an abscess from the liver,
Or while suturing the skin like a weaver,
To make a wound deeper and deeper.

These feet never shake,
Standing at a stretch without a break,
Life here is not a piece of cake,
When everyday you have to face blood as if water in a lake.

Scrubbed in green gown,
Overhearing relatives mourn,
With determination into the theatre I step down,
Eyes fixed to the field,
Solid and cold as steel,
A musician's finger on the roll,
Incising skin in the form of hyperbole,
One mistake and he is number,
Will he everwake up from his murderous slumber ?

To be precise and to follow the protocol,
Patient care is not over at all,
Waking up at nights on call,
On rounds having a hypoglycemic fall,
Getting up again and standing tall,
While the consultants make us inconspicuosly small.

Stepping out after duty hours,
Still running to have a shower,
Also to have a short nap,
As the boy has to run another lap.

Lying down on my bed the room seems to swirl,
While we prepare to put a mature footstep into the world !!!


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