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Simply Pritesh
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Days Of Our Lives" : Dedicated to the Old Interns and future PG1s !!!

Before you start reading, just one request to future PG-1s,
Be a little leanient on us New Interns :-) ...lolz !!!
Inspiration - Nitin Boss !!

They say I think a lottt,
Over petty things on which nobody gives a thought,
I try to avoid thinking but my imagination gets caught,
Why sometimes we have to think whether to love or not ?
Why for some it is a never ending drought ?

Why the hell we have exams to pass,
When our memory can't even retain the lecture of morning class ?
Why always we have to go with the mass,
Leaving a soul inside longing for carass ?
Have we really started thinking ourselves as trash ?

Caught in the dilemma of our lives,
No time to think about our prospective wives :-),
Whether we would be holding chalk, steth or knives ?
Or our workplace will be as busy as a bee hive ?
Don't spend time thinking, just take your books & dive !!!

Why we have to stay up late in night so icy ?
Damn ! I must get a Clinical seat in IC !!
After the results the scene will be so dicey,
People will be playing emotional games with the nice,
Fighting over seats was never so spicy !!!

Why there are only twelve divisions in a clock ?
And why the hour hands only twice flock ?
Why if given the key, the person changes the lock ?
And we have to ask the permission to enter the place where we belonged..knock knock!
Why Dopamine is given in shock,
While I ponder over this, the sound continues tick-tock, tick-tock !!!

All the best bosses, n ma'm ,
Do your best in the upcoming exam,
I know its a whole lot to cram,
Just keep your brains on the track of tram,
Just few more hours and your dreams are there - BAM !!!! :-)



Unknown said...

fantastic keep it up.

Pritesh said...

thank u asif bhai....
dhanya hue hum jo aap hamare blog pe padhare,
aa jaya karo kabhie kabhar bhoole bisaare,
aapki ghazalon ka hai intezaar humein,
ya fir de do apni ghazalein udhar hume,
hum apna blog aapki ghazalon se sajayenge,
aap adhyayan mein dhyaan do, hum aapka dard auron tak pahuchayenge :-)!!!!

Unknown said...

great work, a real life story in short !!!!

Pritesh said...

thanks boss !!!! your talks are a real inspiration, exam de lo fir apki 'prospective wife' ke baare mein baat karenge :-)!!!!! all the best for both ...lolz