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Simply Pritesh
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, My Valentine !!!!!

Yesterday's rain has really turned on my senses and with Valentine's Day due tomorrow , I could not stop myself from writing this 'Letter to my Valentine'. This also contains a message for her. I can only pray she gets it.
"Whoever you are, wherever you are,
Come into my life I am really missing you yaar...." :-(
Feel it & read it coz I really really mean it !!!!!
Just do that a bit slowly ... :-) !!!!
Here it goes :-

I am into my 23rd spring,
Looking for a fragile finger to ring,
Queen of my Heart lonely is your King,
Now I can really feel the breeze sing,
It could be the time for the real thing,
I could see the dew drops on leaves in the morning,
With Roses and daffodils blooming,
Silence between us is my only wrenching.

Awesomely similar are we both, but we complement,
My Namesake, my Ornament.
I may not be a very handsome prince,
But I promise You, I will never make you wince,
I love you and love you ever since,
We baby fishes just got our fins!!

I just wish You could see the signs,
Start reading in between the lines,
Have to get this dear its not fair,
Are you really looking coz its there !
God!! you will make this work if you really care.

If you don't get it at first, I give you another chance,
Slowly at first, then we can dance,
Honey !!! People are waiting to see our romance :-),
Already I am in a trance,
Girl!! Will you be mine, Princess of France ?

Happy Valentine's Day In Advance !!!!!

All I want you to do is to trust,
If you open the flood gates, my love will burst,
Don't worry dear !!!! You can't worsen it,coz its already worst :-).
Coz deep inside its love not lust,
You have made your entry in my life a must,
Without you I feel like I will be doomed to dust!!

There is nothing from you which I expect,
Just don't ever break my trust & respect my self respect,
Do not think much over what will happen next,
Just mail me or send me a text,
I assure you I will take care of the rest,
Dear!! Whatever happens, it will happen for the best,
What difference does it make, live in East or West.

If you don't like me, don't be manipulative,
Please don't protect yourself by suggesting alternatives,
Because love is a thing which is not relative,
I am certainly now your captive,
Say it straight on my face,
And I will certainly close my case.

Don't think this as a decision of haste,
I know it from somewhere that we have similar tastes,
I have thought over it much & I know nobody waits,
So I won't let my efforts go waste.
Oh My God! You look so serene and chaste,
I can't stop imagining you on our wedding date.

I know you must be having confusion in your mind,
Recapitulate, flashback and rewind,
You and me are one of its kind,
That is why we are having difficulty to find,
A diamond ring is waiting for you in a glass of wine,
We really don't need to date or dine,
Coz I already know you are really mine.

If you are having any doubts we can talk,
Sort it over a long romantic walk,
Or we have another option of gtalk,
But for God's sake honey, please talk,
Only you can open my heart's lock,
And save me from this mental block.

I have no time to woo you, so here is my blog,
If you feel the same way as me then do make a log,
I know you understand it dear coz we have books to slog,
After a days hard work where Interns are treated as dogs,
If you come along we can go the whole hog,
I really need you dear to clear my mind's fog!

I conclude my letter hence,
P.S.:- Repetition is not coincidence,
You don't even have to change your spectacles to lens,
To see our kids playing inside our fence,
Oh Dear!! Are you blushing or are you tense ??

"Happy Valentine's Day, My Valentine" !!!!!!



Shipra Shekhar said...

plz plz plz plz i just cant imagine
another such beautiful piece.
few lines for one to whom dis poem is dedicated....
Ma'am perhaps I dont know
who u r, maybe jus sum1;
but one thing i truly know
yes u r the one;
its so easy to be loved,
but wen u luv sum1
u know its nt othr way round
luvin sum1 widout acknowlegmnt
its merely your luck
nvr evr take it forgrantd
just relish yr moment & triumph.
Lovely future awaits............

Dr. Pritesh said...

Thank u dear.... I have already run out of words, though I have a lot more to say....
Somethings are to be told one to one...
And that can't happen without communication...
So this piece is still undone....
Give me something and I will give you everything..... really !!!

Pawan said...

i have no words left with me... awesome poem man..

Pritesh said...

thanks dude... so what planz dis v'day?? still single or are u seeing someone :-)??

f0rest said...

are ye khud se likha hai kya???

Are mere bhai tu Doctor kyu ban gaya, ye to wahi baat hui Sachin Tendulkar singing and Lata Mangeshkar Playing cricket :P

Pritesh said...

thanks bhai... udaa mat yaar mujhe ...utni bhi acchi nahi hai... bas dil ki baat hai... :-) !!!! main doctor hi theek hun... likhna just hobby hai.... waise thanks for the compliment... visit karte rehna...!!!!

Anubha said...

I m daddy's little princess,his little girl..all I ever dream is 2 stay in his I grow up,step by step,I c wat this wrd offers me..m no more a little girl bt yes still a princess,I face the nuances bt stil stay strong...coz my dads my king nd he can never b Wrng...I grow up a little more,party all nite awake my eyes becum sore,bt my dads the 1 who still opens the door...nw m 18, stil his princess,bt m nw mean nd I dnt like him 2 he stil waits for me 2 b seen...I v crossed my teens nd cum a long way...nw I dream of me as queen bt I stil hv 2 find a king...I fite thru studies,I fite thru heartbreaks,I fite my way out to b 2 trust ther r few...m a women nw nd my clocks ticking,I stil wait for my perfect king...I v read a few fairytales bt stil my my heart ailes..nd 1 day I c it all comng,u ther I c u,u dnt know me bt my heart says u do..u smile at me I pass it back ,I know tht instant its nt a prank, v hv fallen 4 each other nd no 1 else shud bother...v chat,v talk,v fite,v walk..I dream thers no other place I rather wud hv been,yes u r the king nd m the daddy's wrld has long gone,he happily tells me 2 enter this new dawn..from a princess to a queen the journey is long,nd finally the destination wer I belong...I always wnt my man to keep me happy even if the days r sappy,I wnt him 2 open the door nd love me 2 the core,I wnt him 2 b my strength so I cn cross ne lengths,,I wnt him 2 hold me tite even if v fite...I wnt him 2 love me the same way my daddy did or even more...I luk into ur eyes nd they say ur nice...m ready to embark on this journey wid u... coz I know now ur true...

Pritesh said...

@anubha :Oh thou mystery ave, thou chose me to love.
Thou are naïve , they will say, how can a cuckoo get a dove.

more to come with years...
through our smiles and tears...
with desserts and wines,
with darkness amd shines,
as long as thou hear,
with heart and soul so clear,
that i see myself in you,
with feeling that you knew,
you are the one who would make my wait worth,
and shower me the love not found on this earth.

garry said...

wow jiju...such a nyc poem... u dint tell us abt this talent f urs... vry impressive..i must say.. :)
its simply awsome... :)

Dr. Pritesh said...

Thanks garry... I think I have found my inspiration and the best is yet to come.. u will c if ur a regular visitor though now m not a regular blogger.. lolz.. thanks fr ur words .. means a lot to me..