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Monday, February 22, 2010

Chiraigaon week 2 : The Bigg Boss got missing !!!!

This is my second week in Chiraigaon, and today the day being Monday its the compulsory attendance day everyone has to show their faces to the Boss, the Bigg Boss. But the Bigg Boss didn't turn up today, saving one of us from elimination lolz... I could still remember the last weeks' drama where we the Interns were having the feeling - Gosh we are so definitely screwed !!! :-

Day :- 15th Feb
Place :- The Bigg Boss House ( Chiraigaon, Rural Health Training Centre)
Time :- 11:00 a.m.

Bigg Boss(Dr. Ravi Shankar) calls us for a round table conference... yeah being an Intern obliges us to attend all the meetings held as a passive listener who doesn't have to speak but just nod and laugh on Bigg Boss' jokes and answer the 'tricky' questions, which every 2nd year student knows, in a way that it appears to be a new information altogether. This was our first day in RHTC and as usual most of us were feeling funny and some couldn't stop smiling. Bigg boss could't take it sportingly. "Are they laughing on my complexion or my baldness or my accent ?" "Am I pronouncing the words right ?".. "I practiced last night in front of the mirror , Interns are getting smarter day by day . They make us look like fools."

Bigg Boss( speaks in Rannvijay style) : I will give you "special tasks"
Are you all ready for it, may I ask ?

Intern 1:- Frankly speaking sir, I am here for studies, sleep and good food,
Do you really think we interns are that good ?
Sir, I don't want to be rude,
But don't bother us, and spare us Dude !!!

Intern 2 and 3(together) :- I am really missing my girlfriend and my boyfriend here,
We will stay for a day a two and then depart back there,
Two days are enough here , who really cares,
Last batch was totally absent, why we ? Its not fair !!

Intern 4( He really got fired up) :-
Everyday we go out in the field with stethoscopes around our necks,
But we return seeing not more than chickens and ducks,
I mean wtf,
This posting really sucks !!!!

Intern 5 : Whole day I burrowed my head in my book,
When you were lecturing not a single words I took,
Don't worry sir, we are staying here !!!( he he we will go and don't even tell the cook)
( The cook is the secret service around here.. works as a double agent....lolz)

Intern 6 :- I am really having a nice time,
I watch "Gaon ki Goris" for my pass time,
I already have plans of having whisky with soda-lime !!

and the meeting is adjourned for next Monday!! In line are some new adventurous tasks and more comedy. So stay tuned, its Pritesh reporting live from Chiraigaon !!!!


swadha said...

Hehe...that seems like a pretty accurate description of what goes on in the mind of students world over, while their lecturers are blabbering :-P

Good writing!!

Dr. Pritesh said...

thats our routine dear... had to bear what or bosses n proffessors blabber... well we are immune now... nothing enters at the first place n watever enters is taken care of well... lolz... thats us medicos... resistant to almost everything... :-)