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Simply Pritesh
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

We, The "Mango" People : Dedicated to the Common Man who is slave of his dreams.

Just came across three shades of a common man , sharing some common objectives with different priorities - love, luxury and fulfilment of responsibilities endowed on him. This one goes for the former and the latter. Some body rightly said - "We are the "mango" people , the "aam janta" !!" Don't try to be extraordinary. But what if ?? "Go with the mass, coz you are Middle Class" This is for everyone like me, everyone like you (for us Asif Bhai ) :-

Life doesn't depend on your mood,
It works its own ways bad or good,
Depends on what you shouldn't and what you should,
Not what you couldn't and what you could.

They remember you if to them you are nice,
Not the one who pays for you the price,
All we need is bread and rice,
And if needed a piece of spice.

So lets be humble and lets be wise,
Because there are plenty of "other" guys,
Two are your shoulders on them your duty lies,
Believe it or not but they are of considerable size!!!

So lets have "something" before this body dies,
New realms are waiting and so are the wider skies,
The night is long but we will see the sunrise.

Would like to quote from one of the ads -
"Coz there are few things which money can't buy,
For everything else you have your Mastercard -
Your Mind, Sincerity and Working hard


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