Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wait...?? No just don't !!!!!!

"Take me along", "take me along",
I heard a voice, "Take me along",
Sorry I can't, sorry I can't,
I can't stop to be point blank.

I may have to run and run so hard,
To prove and fetch the ones who have the bright cards,
I am no player and I will have to learn fast,
Before anyone again spells a cast.

Let me get into my groove and take the stride,
Coz there is nothing greater than honour and pride.
Let me meet you on my return trip,
And if you are still there, you may get a gift.

I will advise not to wait and just move on,
If we still meet at a crossroad, we can still catch on.



unfolding the hidden said...

hey this part of u is simply superb yaar i never knew of it infact there wudnt b much of them who know about this quality of yours....n poems are simply amazing infact you too.........

Dr. Pritesh said...

thanx yaar... u got to be really inspired for that... never got time to explore myself completely... just trying to be me as much as I can... coz this world is ready to change u completely so soon that u don't even realise... thanx n keep visiting :-)!!!!