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Simply Pritesh
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love MCQ - Yeah, one half of the population do take it as a serious question !!!

Especially dedicated to people who consider love as a multiple choice question, to choose the best among few !!!! Ohhh come on !!!! Give it a break!!! Some people really do have a heart!! Females please do read it !!!! Especially dedicated to one of my female friends who really got awestruck by this stupid question :-

"Love everyone and the love gets back to you".
Do you really think its true ??
With a heart so big, bigger than the sky blue.
I make a start with the chosen few.

I made sure everyone gets their share,
Not a single person is deprived of the love and care,
Well the pieces of my heart never got their proper heir.
Now I think that not even a single piece is left there.

While searching within I asked my moth bitten heart,
"Why everyday I take away your part,
The very next day you make a new start ?
Only to be pierced by a new dart ?"

"Because, loving is not merely fun,
It follows the law of all or none,
Not to be done at the point of gun,
Just give a kick start, and let it be Autorun,
If the spark continues till destination,
He or she may be your chosen one.

Otherwise halt somewhere and go for different stations,
And give your good times a little appreciation,
Don't jump from option to option,
And rescue yourself with "friends" suggestion,
Coz that merely creates more and more confusion,
Moreover no one likes to be the product of calculated adoption,
My dear, love is not a Multiple Choice Question,
It is a complex mathematical situation,
Requiring balancing of divine equations,
Minimizing the voltage fluctuations,
And reaching the ultimate perfection.

I think I have answered all your questions."

Dr. Pritesh


Unknown said...

superb yaar,pyar kya nahi karata na, luk it disclosed ur hidden talent, nw ur a poet,wel its mast, n all d best in ur lyf, i promise ur goin to get ur part n its gonna rearrange n heal ur moth eaten, shattered heart. :)

Unknown said...

kasur na mera hai na unka
hum dono hi rishto ki rasam nibhate rahe
wo dosti ka ehsaas jatate rahe
hum mohabbat ko dil me chhupate rahe

awesome poetry has polished ur literary get over ur broken heart is a shelter
but sometimes u wanna walk in the rain

Pritesh said...

@ saurabh : thanx boss... dil toh bahut pehle toot chuka tha... manifest abhi ho raha hai... latent period :)!!! well no-one can understand except the ones who have undergone it... thanx a lottt and keep visiting and commenting !!!

@ishan : well said dude.... and beautiful shayari ..lolz.... I feel like walking through the showers myself like you.... and thanks...!!!

Unknown said...

hey dear didnt knew bout dis hidden talent f yours...well kon h jisne tera dil toda h....

Pritesh said...

@ Priyanka :
"Toote dil ko koi kya dobaara tod paayega,
Muskilein padengi to koi apna hi saath Chhod jayega,
Has rahe hoge woh humpar,
Kisi din yeh shaqs bhi unpe muskurayega" ... Pritesh :-)

thanks guys, thanx a lot... you brought some activity into my blog... lolz..!!!

Unknown said...

Koi Chahta hy kisi ko Apnane k liye,
Koi Chahta hy kisi ko tanhai se bachane k liye,
tujhe Bhi kisi ne Chaha tha,
Sirf apna Dil Behlanay k liye.......?

hum dua karte hain ke bewafai na ho,
kisi ki hasrat pe sahenai na ho,
aapka pyar aapko miljaye,
aapka intezaar-e-mohhobat ki samundar jaisi gehrai na ho,

Unknown said...

jo samajhte hain pyar ko MCQ,
galti se a gyi hain is duniya main woh,
sab probability ki baat hai bhai,
kya karen jamana purana tha..mile the unke maabaap ko option char ki jagah do....

Pritesh said...

@ jagmag : wah Chirag sahab wah... Naye pyaar ne toh aapko bhi shayar bana diya.... :-) great lines dude... 'Yahan sabhi dil ke maare baithe hain,kuch khush, kuch thake haare baithe hain.... :- Pritesh lolz... I just can't wait for Asif Bhai's blog to get active... some great ghazals in line...

Pritesh said...

@ jagmag : bhai "unke bajuon mein kahan itna dum tha, apni kashti toh wahin doobi jahan paani kam tha" .. not by me some great poet indeed...lolz...

Unknown said...

dil tera hi nhn sab ka tuta hai dost,
kisi ka pyar main to kisi ka jivan ki mar main,
kehte suna hai dil shesha hai tut jata hai,
hum to mate hain ye sheeshe se bhi kamjor hota hai,
sheesha hota to khud ko dekh k ji leta,
kya apne se pyara bhi kisi ko koi hota hai.....
jus trying little bit..plzzz don laugh

Pritesh said...

feelings are not to be laughed at buddy... just express... if they can understand they will otherwise they are numb or better dumb... I hope one gets that !!! waise bhabhiji ko bhi bhej apna likha kuch... :-)