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Simply Pritesh
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I need an emotional chiding everytime I feel to cry,
Everytime it happens and everytime I ask why??
Why it is only me who gets a shudder all the time ?
while others leave by just doing their time ??

For me everthing feels so special,
Only to know that it was nothing but a rehearsal,
Rehearsal of a play which existed in my dreams and staged so many times,
I am the speaker while others just mime.

They come and leave only to strengthen me everytime,
Everytime I pledge never to speak again but alas my silence breaks for just one more time.
The play has no audiences just me and my thoughts,
In constant battle of reason and rhyme they fought.

I usually stop by to be an audience as a traveller who seeks rest,
But everytime I turn out to be an actor whose patience is put to test.
The roads I travel never seem to end,
I only seek for a pillow to lie down sometime and to depend.
A pillow I can hug which supports me as a backrest,
Not like a bird which flies over the cuckoo's nest.

Everytime I reach a destination and is about to take a new road,
I have to pay a heavy price as toll.
The price so heavy as they ask me the precious moments of my life,

Li'l things which in no way I can part as these are the only treasures on which I thrive.
Distances are what I need to travel, distances are what I fear most,

But can't do without them as they may take you places, take you to your "Saccha Dost".

I hail them from here, I make a trunk call,
I ask them to wait, just wait untill fall.
I cover some ground daily, I daily gain some cents,
So that they can have a great future and a nice Christmas present.

But they are also travelling and they can't walk alone,
Too feeble to "grow up" and face the music on their own.
I look back and try to move on,
Trying to remove the lines etched somewhere with tear drops that keep rolling on.

Every journey I travel takes a lot from me,
And when I reach a milestone I find no-one but me.
That takes out the joy for which I took the pain,
And I see my efforts go in vain , again.

But why am I rebuking them,they helped me without themselves having a clue that they are taking me there,
And I travelled some important "distances" for people I really care.

--- by
Dr. Pritesh

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