Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank You

Never before I felt saying it like that,
Don't know what makes me glad.
I wanna thank god for whatever I had,
And the time which was not that bad.

Thanks for the people whom I met at the right time,
And narrowing down my relations to the best of all time.
I thank you for the friends who dont understand me at all,
But can break anyone's head as if it was nothing but a glass bowl.
Some near some so far away that you tend to forget the route,
Yet connected by a jovial message sent at times when you really need to boot.

Special teachers who motivated me when I started doubting,
Tender words of their were like an enchanting.
People having "Unconditional faith" on me and my abilities,
Don't know if this "Capt. No Good" had done all his duties.

People coming up from nowhere as if it was a bolt from the blue,
Only to stay to make my life more meaningful,
Don't know if ever I will be able to meet people so beautiful,
Ever wondered that "just friends" can be so cooool.

I dont know how to express in words,
Coz they can't say the feelings beyond this world.
Words always elude me as usually they are not there ,
When I wanna let them know that I really do care.
Just too apprehensive to make them use,
As words can be dangerous and I dont want to lose.

Just regret few mistakes which I shouldn't have done,
And I punish myself daily for that, by deliberately shunning the ones.
Wanna let them know I am no good but I am not bad,
Just one weakness in me, I can't see anyone sad.
For that very reason people utilise me for their own good,
And leave me with repentence and a very bad mood.

Just wished either the world be so perfect or the perfect be my world,
To run away from artifice and hypocrisy to the green sea and the land of singing birds.

--Dr. Pritesh

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