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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Human Brain : Just Faaaascinating

I was reading Human Physiology for my PG preparation these days and I got fascinated by the human brain. The most vital structure of the human body remains the least explored even at the present times with all the modern technologies at our beck and call but to understand the working of human brain still remains a challenge to the neuro-scientists. What we know till day is just some anatomy, some significant areas of our interests medically and used for curing diseases but nobody paid attention to the vastly barren areas of human brain. Just because it seems too difficult to penetrate, increasing complexity at each step and lack of Human volunteers and research funds not sufficing enough to encourage the scientists interested. In the brain what fascinated me most was the limbic system and the hippocampus, the generator of all emotions and feelings - both positive and negative. It is said that all the great persons had something in common their approach towards life and their way of thinking. Well the answer to greatness lies somewhere in between the layers of cortex of the limbic system, allocortex and juxtallocortex. The whole brain appears to me as a great electromagnetic field interacting constantly with other electromagnetic fields of the universe having a great impact on the universe. I hope during the coming years the scientists come up with the answers which are not yet answered :-
- Why only human evolved so fast that they left all the other species who were left way behind during the process of evolution ?
- Why do some people reach extra-ordinary levels of greatness while others lag behind being mediocre ?
- What is our thought process and how does it affect our lives ?
- Do we have something called luck or the chance factor ? Can we really control our lives ?
-What is that portion of the human brain which is the most central to all these questions ?
- Do we really have a "soul" inside our body ?
- Can we really apply all the laws of physics and nature to an organic body still capable of acting like a metal conducting electricity ??
- Do we have a direct connection with God at some level in our life ?
- What is "God" exactly understood by us ?
- Myself and all of us accept the presence of a higher energy which regulates us all , so how does the regulation takes place ?

To find the answers of the above questions and many others yet unanswered we have to wait for the future and search for the clues in the divine quotes and writings of the great saints and religious preachers of past. The world seems interconnected by a force binding us, the origin lies somewhere in our minds. Can you really "think" about it ??


Abhishek said... have correctly mentioned some of the questions which really disturbs us a lot ..!!..

Dr. Pritesh said...

well its true... if we really understood everything about nature we would not have been just humans searching for Moksha and enlightenment... and if these questions get answered there may be no debates over science and religion... they will be one and the same thing... but God has always tested human intelligence.... and this time its a really tough nut to crack cause that this time its man's own brain who has achieved many marvels for him while remaining itself a marvel incompletely understood... :-)

Yogita said...

Its stupendous how intricately our body has been designed by the Almighty. Human body (and not just brain) is an enigma! It is something beyond our understanding.
We must value our body like anything and see to it that it does not suffer because of our heedless habits & lifestyle.

Dr. Pritesh said...

you are right yogita... we in totality are an enigma... everything in this world of creation is an enigma... God has been so perfect in designing everything but its we who make ourselves imperfect by our thoughts... coz thoughts become actions, actions habits and habits our character.... so we should mind our thoughts... and for that we have to take charge of the "big guy" on top of everything... our brain !!!!! who knows what's inside covered up... may be way to God, the mystery of our evolution, the "unity"... its bigger than it seems !!!!