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Simply Pritesh
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Long Drive : Dedicated To the would be "Great Couple"

Today's mock test was just good, to make it better my cousin bro promised me a five star treat... Hmmm... bro !!! Getting married , save something for our bhabhi too... :-). Neways m banking on you that this time you will keep your promise otherwise bhabhi hain na complain ke liye... :-)

This one goes for you n our lovely bhabhi.... wish you many many romantic long drives like this... luv ya both :-

Somewhere round the corner,
An Angel waits so quiet,
People watch and pass by,
She looks for her Knight.

Waiting, waiting, waiting,
Seems like a decade since the last sight.
Patience, patience honey,
A bit longer take it might.

Look at you, Look at you.
Soooo beautiful in White !!!
A road wide open ,and dusky twilight,
Voyage of a lifetime,To be covered in a night.

Our Castle on the move,
As swift as a Kite.
Passions mounting higher,
With every breath and sigh.

A run along the coast,
The winds kissing Goodbye.
Oh ! What a moment!!!
A moment to live and die.

Words fail me again,
I really pity my plight!!
Clapton to my rescue,
It plays "Wonderful tonight..."

Numb to feel the cold wind,
what an emotional height.
Cuddled in my arms,
You are warm, alright ??

Stopping by a stream, a Heavenly delight,
Ripples getting smoother, and moon's got a bite,
Awesome smell the violets and the lady of the Knight,
Wanna know further ?? Use your imaginary flight... lolz



Shipra Shekhar said...

hey u are simply awesum........whos gettin married?-honey

Dr. Pritesh said...

thanks re...arrey amit bhaiya.... i wished tu aa sakti...!!!!


Wow!! Nice One!!

Has Guddan Bhaiya [DULHE RAJA] read it?? ;) :D

I am eagaerly waiting for the wedding!!

Dr. Pritesh said...

arreu abhi unhe khayalon mein rehne do...... fir kabhie padhwaunga unhe bhabhi ke saath....:-)... have a nice time in London and come soon.... people are waiting out here !!!!!