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Simply Pritesh
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The "insignificantly" SIGNIFICANT people of our lives.

Today I am really emotional, just came to remember something . It was a great day for me and I will have to share it with you all because incidences like this seldom happen in your life and I was no doubt "overwhelmed".
It happened when I was back home during my PSM postings and mom send me to have something from the market. It was afternoon and very few people were there on road. I was walking with my eyes closed, lost in my own world as usual. So I didn't notice a bike stopping few steps away from me. The guy wore a helmet but it appeared to me as if he was looking at me. When I caught notice of him, he slowly took off his helmet. I could now notice a big man with moustache, familiar face. I struggled through my memory to have a name or even the slightest idea who he was. As I drew closer, I could actually remember him with his name - Satyendra. He used to drop me to school in his auto rickshaw when I was a kid studying in Class 6th. I cursed myself how could I forget him. He was always so sweet to me. Anyways, by that time we were facing each other. He gave me his hand and we shook hands.
Satyendra : " Pehchane Sonu?"
By that time I was all prepared.
Me : " Arrey Uncle aap, kaise hain ?"
Satyendra : "Bas sab badhiya... so doctory complete ho gayi tumhaari ?"
Me : "Haan bas isi saal huyi hai"
Then we talked some usual stuff.
After sometime he said with a smile on his face " Mujhe laga nahi pehchanoge .."
I was embarrassed but I concealed it very well.
Me : " Arrey Uncle aap bhi !!!!!"
Satyendra : "Chalo tumhe yaad ho na ho, mujhe sabhi bacche bahut acchi tarah se yaad hain. Tum to yaad ho hi."
Me : " Toh Aunty bacche theek thaak ?"
I suddenly came to remember that he got married when I finished my class 6th and chose some other profession.
Satyendra :" Haan", and then he told me something which stunned me,
"Pata hai maine apne bade bacche ka naam Pritesh rakha hai. Uss waqt tumhara selection just hua hi tha. Paper mein naam padha tha tumhara. Mujhe isse accha naam nahi soojha."

And I was stupefied, petrified and couldn't speak a word. Words failed me and I didn't know what to say at that time.
Me: " Uncle, bahut jyaada ijjat de di aapne mujhe".
After that I couldn't speak. He saw that on my face. We shook hands again. He wished me all the success in my life ahead. After that he kicked off his bike and left leaving me wondering - " What are we without these people who played small and significant roles in our lives ? I could hardly remember that guy and he named his son after me !!!!! As we move in our life ahead, we tend to forget these people without realising that what an important role they played in our life. They made us a part of their life and are living with it and we don't even know that !!!!! I am still wondering that it happened for real. We sometimes move so fast in our lives that we don't notice people around us. So lets pause, flashback and remember all those persons whom we so happily omitted from our lives but without them our life wouldn't have been the same as we live today. Thank you all the "insignificantly" significant people of my life !!!!!!!


Abhishek said...

Hats Off to you Sir Ji.... :):) ....and yeah we seriously need to have a pause and look back to all those people and moments that have been an important part of our life.... :):).....

Pritesh said...

thanks bro... we affect our lives and others' lives too... so why not do it in a positive way... give love... you get more... be thankful to someone and you get more of it.... forgive everyone who did ever hurt you and you get respect from him/her... its all under our control but we just don't realise... just a humble try from my side to hail our generation !!!!

Shipra Shekhar said...

m lucky to have u to myself bro :))))))))))

Dr. Pritesh said...

thanx sis... and luv ya equally :-)))) !!!!!!!

Unknown said...

heya,,,,,such m dis one was really a grt one...congs dear,,,,,n....finally hats off to u....:)

Dr. Pritesh said...

thank u dear.... keep commenting... ur appreciation keeps bringing out watever the good that is in me.... !!!