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Simply Pritesh
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

For the couple who showed me what true love is,
For the people who are so madly, deeply in love ,
For the people who are so integral part of my life,
For the person who is my best friend,
And his better half,
This piece speaks for my unsaid feelings on their behalf...

To the cutest couple ever... AKASH AND PRACHI

I never got a chance to tell you,
How much I get inspired by the love of you two,
Out of the many couples I know,
The sacred love like yours is shared by only a few.

I define love by your names,
I define passion by your flames.
My camera loves it when you two are in frame,
And clicks a picture perfect for which I am blamed.

The love you share,
Is blessed divine ,
You are the angels sent by Gods,
To propagate their sacred line,

Lucky am I to breathe the fragrance of your love,
Which has made a crow's heart into the heart of a dove.
It tried to fly it tried to connect,
But never could find a scent so perfect,
As there is the air,
That you two share.

You have unknowingly raised,
The standards of what I called love,
Coz now I seek a match,
Which can even attempt to match,
The passion of yours...

This holy day of your unison,
Prayers are being sent to heaven,
In line,
Is A small prayer of mine,
I wish you own a place so fine,,
Where I can often invite myself to dine.
I wish you travel to exotic worlds and wilderness,
To fill your soul with eternal happiness,
I wish you busy weekdays and leisurely weekends.
To chill and relax with your beloved and friends.
My one selfish wish donno will be granted or not,
I wish your company for the vacations I sought.
I know we will be busy saving lives,
But Guys! We will find some time out for a scuba dive.
Or boat rides in serene lagoons,
Making up a bonfire and staring the moon.
With 'The Ones' we ought to be,
And maybe, just may be with your babies. ;)

Congratulations on the start of your forever.
May the two of you live happily ever-after.
And keep looking cute with yours 'even cuter' babies together.
Just remember this little heart and his prayer.


-- Pritesh ;)

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