Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Monday, October 22, 2012


Love is undefined,
Cannot be confined,
Heart tends to fly,
Sublimly destined.

It does wanna dance,
Longs prestine romance,
But the memories,
Deter another chance.

The sacred heart had cried,
The God within had died,
Ego like a father,
Rescued his dying child.

The soul now rests apart,
Ego stands its guard,
Fenced all around,
Sleeps the sacred heart.

It works round the clock,
Keeps adding bricks and blocks,
There is no gateway,
Does have a lumpy lock.

Locked inside are dreams,
Memories sweet as cream,
And in its dark dungeons,
Some fears unreamed.

There is a light above,
It could see the star of love,
In its drowsy slumber,
It often wakes up.

It dreams that it would fall,
Take down the guarding walls,
Charging down the fears,
Will make the wake up call.

Love it would be,
Love it is,
Love will make "Me" fall,
Take down the guarding "Walls"....


1 comment:

Shipra Shekhar said...

WOW !! Bask in the beauty of letting go !!