Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Soul Song

Oh thou mystery ave, thou chose me to love.
Thou are naïve , they will say, how can a cuckoo get a dove.
You are a wanderer flying long, while I sing in my nest.
People sit beside me for the song, and then leave in hest.

I sung a lullaby for them, since nobody stayed for the sonnet,
Was happy with my poems, and them calling me a poet.
One day I left my nest, and flew towards the mounts,
Was singing aloud and my best, seeing the beauty abound.

Thou were nearby, you could feel the song from my soul,
The soul song pierced thy, heart and love flowed through the hole.
Unaware of what has happened, were back in our nests,
Something destined, was about to happen for the best.

Flying high and flying low, you thought about your soul song,
Thy eyed by the vultures shied below, perched on the shady tree strong.
Nested above in my lonely nest, I sung and waited for you.
Thou will find your song by travelling west, were sure and you knew.

I welcomed you and sung the song, and waited for you to leave like others,
But you wanted to make a nest, and brood thy ”Feathers”,
I knew you won’t leave, so wanted to sing the sonnet I had prepared.
Didn’t know you would like it or not, because never before I dared.

I started it but you already knew the song,
Together we sung, we sung for long,
From the dusk till dawn, we kept singing,
With the feeling that kept sinking.

We have found the song, which lingered in our soul,
We decided to sing together , sing till thy get old,
We will teach it to others, my flock and thy kins,
Will send it to heaven, to release us from sins.



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