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Simply Pritesh
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I like watching you fall asleep

" A thing of beauty is a joy for ever" : Keats

Very well said by John Keats. Beauty can be such an inspiration. And that is what my committed friends quote for their rescue when their girl-friends find them mooning over a pretty face. lolz...
To beauty itself :-

I like watching you fall asleep,
To see your drowsy lids giving way to slumber,
A dream getting ready to take a leap,
But you resisting it to see me mumble,
To myself, "Oh!! God, She is so beautiful!!",
Slowly then you close your eyes,
Saying,"I am not sleepy,just having a good look at the inside of my eyes",

Its 3'o in the morning,
And you are fast asleep,
Hair is all messed up,
And your lips are tulips,
The REM sleep takes over you,
As you delve into your dreams like a mermaid,
And the eyeballs start moving in saccades,
I bring my eyes closer to yours,
To decipher the dream moving through your eyes,
But all I can feel is your breath and my sighs,
They get synchronous in rhythm,
And a peck on your lips makes me numb.

You smile in your sleep,
As if it touched your soul,
Keeping your head on my chest,
You tell me " Darling!! Am so cold "



swadha said...

Mesmerizing Pritesh!
Absolutely enchanting.
The words used are so poignantly vivid, they create a visual-imagery effortlessly.
And the honest emotions are so endearingly stated, it almost hurts, when it gets over!

Keats must be smiling somewhere, for having inspired this. And so must she!!

Pritesh said...

thanks again....:-), 'twas created while travelling... the chemistry between a newly wed couple inspired me... lolz. love and beauty are eternal... and keats was right.. a thing of beauty is a joy for ever and for everyone... he he