Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ETC... Re-expanded


Love thou bring forth,
Smiles if true,
Else they never knew,
What a guessing game,
Everyone's a lame,
Easy if you,
Stop expecting and do your due,
Champ you will become,
Coz everybody wants "some",
Its a centile what you expected at some stage,
A patient hearing of your rage,
Never will they know,
But slowly it will grow,
Happiness enqueued,
Reason - You know, its "YOU".


Love thou break not,
Once a diamond becomes coal,
Only to ablaze the soul,
Ignited, extinguished, ignited again,
Like simultaneous wind and rain,
Better to bury it inside the earth,
Time may metamorphose it into "something" worth.


Love thou fear not,
Fear dilutes this elixir pure,
You might not again be this sure,
Instincts and impulses are often right,
Shovel the clouds aghast, covering this starry night,
Unexpressed, unsaid,
Like a zombie you live half dead,
Dumb and awestruck being inconsiderate,
They may leave you only with memories to regret,
Love is a Tsunami,Let it sweep you off your feet,
Like a Rum bottle, when drunk neat,
Get toxic, get diseased,
You just don't know when this high tide recedes,
Coz love being blind is also deaf, answers no calls,
A blue whale in Pacific,
Gets reduced to a goldfish in a glass bowl.



swadha said...

Great piece Pritesh...

Loved the termination..its a compelling visual expression!
Good job!

Pritesh said...

Thanks Swadha... nice to see you on my blog again... :-].
The "end" really matters...

the box went to saturn said...
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the box went to saturn said...

well this is a testimony to d saying
"art comes from the heart"..

Pritesh said...

thanks tanmay.... yeah true art comes from way deep inside the heart... and at present I am just a few cms beneath.... :)