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Simply Pritesh
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

My School Days : A tribute to my Alma Mater ... "Happy Teachers Day" all.

Remember the first day of our school,
New uniform, water-bottle, tiffin - it was all so cool,
But deep inside there was something that wasn't funny,
"Mumma Mumma " - we cried with our noses running,

With fear of the unknown, waved our mothers bye bye at the gate,
To meet a new one in the class asking us kindly to stop crying, our first mate,
She was, I would say, Mother Teresa in a long skirt,
I still remember you Mrs Dicona as my class teacher, first.

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Those li'l blocks, those small cars,
That red building, the "Bahadur" who knew us all.
That train to the toilet,
Just before the lunch,
Despite that we dared to wet,
What a naughty bunch !! :-)

We grew and we can feel it grow with us,
The playground got better and bigger was our bus,
We passed classes in hop, skip and jump,
Great was the music when we played the thump.
Hanging out in secluded places alone or in gangs,
Caught during the gang-wars by principal exchanging slangs,
Standing in front of the office in sun,
Whispering - "Dude!! 'Somebody' gonna hit us really hard, better run."

Illegal Diwali celebrations in toilets by 'incense-sticks timed bombardments',
Leaving the poor door injured and as as frail as a parchment,
Fete, exhibitions, Teacher's day, Sports day Heats,
Scared the hell out of some - Parents' & Teacher's meet.

Despite all the fun and the pranks,
Exams were the onething we were afraid of, to be frank,
"She will be impressed if I get the first rank",
Lost in her thoughts all nights and then leaving the paper blank,
Getting over the first crush after the results,
Pledging and saying to yourself -"XII Boards this year, are you nuts ?"

Finally, the day came, it was our "Farewell",
"Adieu!!" our Alma-Mater said, and we were out of the shell,
With roses topped with tear drops as dew,
We were about to enter the world which was entirely new.
Blessings, wishes, teachings and memories,
Were all we could carry with us, leaving behind our "Angels" and the "Fairies".
Teachers- "We never got that love again which we got from you,
When the world comes hard on us , its your teachings and blessings that get us through,
Our teachers who laid our foundations and paved our lanes,
Lets prove them right that we are "unshakeable" and ready to face the Hurricanes.


Few lines for my mentor Tr. Sangeeta :-

You are one human being overflowing with love,
The person who held us all just like a hub,
Mother of "The Pride(XIIth -B)" who trained all the cubs,
During the dark days your words were the light bulb,

Many consider you special and I am just one of those,
Rare, I would say, as thorns never dared to grow on this rose,
You believed in us so much even when we doubted that we may miss by "This close",
Ma'm your committment and hard-work shows,
How you became "The best" , everyone knows.

Happy Teachers Day , Ma'm :-) !!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

hi pritesh
it was realy so touching
i have got no words to express i kept on reading
line by line all my memories of school appeared and i imagined i am in in school at present
it was really superb poetry
i not only will appeciate ur poetry but also thankful to you for making my schooldays back again for few mins
thanks and thanks a lot

Pritesh said...

thanks rangul ... got a new follower as you.. it assures dat people do read my blogs :p...

its a nostalgic feeling when you look back at the good old days... it makes us think why the hell we had to grow up... we are fortunate that we grew in such a healthy environment for development... thanks to St. John's and the teachers there... it was kinda my way of thanking my school and teachers who were always there for us.... the memories there are like a motion picture frequently playing in our minds... i just tried to make a hard-copy of those..:).