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Simply Pritesh
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Once it rains.... : To the ever elusive Monsoons

Get into my mind, can you ??
Search my soul, will you ??
Have been searching it for a long long time,
The right path gave me an unwanted shunt,
Can you help me in my treasure hunt??

Can you read my thoughts?
They usually get wary and I get lost.
Hah!!! What an oxymoron I spell aloud,
When I say - "Nah !!!! I am used to walking alone in the crowd."

What has happened to me,
I am not whom I used to be,
I have changed before, have changed for the good,
This time I am resisting change hard, the hardeset I could.

Coz I think I am becoming like you,
"A-chord", it strikes,
It was difficult to find my mirror-self,
Harder still is to resist the change now in myself!!

To save few, one has to sacrifice one-self,
Nothing's left with me, somebody please help !!!!
Gave everything, an empty soul,
Waiting for the monsoons to fill the hole,
To imbibe life once again,

It will change -
"Once it rains,
Once it rains,
Once it rains

Waiting for the monsoons....

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Shipra Shekhar said...

u made me cry man.........lovd line....m used to walkin alone in crowd.........:).......same pinch

Pritesh said...

sis...!!! thanks again.... so enjoying rains at Valsad ?? Varanasi urgently needs some showers..... and me too... !!!

swadha said...

Great job Pri,

Was a special pleasure to read you this time!
Loved the poignant imagery in "empty soul-monsoons to fill the hole"!

Just how monsoons ought to be waited for..they sure, must be smiling:)

Pritesh said...

thanks swadha.... glad that you loved it !!! a word of appreciation is always welcome... :)!!!!! monsoons fill the emptiness after the summers... wet, green its same everywhere... an emolient for bruised heart and broken souls.... this year it was especially awaited but it eluded us for long... finally its there... monsoons!!!! guys you are really hard of hearing :)!!!!

Yogita said...

Dats one beautifully written poem!

Dr. Pritesh said...

thanks yogita.... thanks a lot for ur comment... :)!!!! I heard its flooding in delhi.... you delhites stole away few clouds from us... now its too much for you to handle those it seems... lolz !!!!! happy monsoons... :) !!!!