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Simply Pritesh
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let it go, slowly !!! To my best pals.....

Guys !!! I nedn't say it this time... coz i know you already know.. but still this one's for you all. Take away one part of my heart because you all deserve it rogues :-)... kamino.. lolzz it goes:-

What do you do,
When you can't vent out the truth?
Coz there is nobody to listen,
For you are considered too strong for wrongs to happen,
But we all have our weaknesses,
Needing a lap to bury our faces,
And cry,
Till the tears dry,
That one person with whom you are never shy,
Coz you know he/she will just listen and won't ask why,
Find her in your Mom,
He can be your best friend Tom,
Just be thankful to God for him/her,
And if nobody is present thank God for being there,
For giving the strength to bear the punch,
To see the lonesome heart getting munched,
Leaving it hardened n dried as a pearl-shell,
Inside which a maiden would dwell,
Protected from treachery, away from deceit,
In a world marvellous in which only happiness repeats .



Unknown said...

ya dis was really a grt one...seriously....m jst waitin for dat moment...;)

Dr. Pritesh said...

hmm... yeah.. really ? k den.. I'll also wait for your moment to come.... lolz
finally, I decided 2 things :-
"To let go the ghost of the past,
and saving my best for the last".
Just pray I succeed. :-)

swadha said...

Nice one Pritesh :)

You're gettin better at this!

Dr. Pritesh said...

Thanks yaar... trying to match your writing talent but m nowhere m telling you... keep visiting n inspiring me...:-) !!!!