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Friday, July 23, 2010

A letter to an Egoistic Boss

Dear Dr.(Mr) Egoist,

My heartiest condolences to you after the death of your self-respect whose ghost is haunting you in the form of your infalliable ego.Alas! That could have been saved if you knew what is the difference between self-respect and ego that is same as alive and dead, angel and devil.
Your desire for respect ultimately made you loose your "self-respect" and turn it around in a negative way. You are not realising it at this time but the height your ego has achieved will definitely make you fall one day and then you won't be able to stand up. I know you are a miserable person. Whenever you look around you see yourself surrounded by successful people who have achieved the zenith of achievements that makes your ego crave for the same but you don't know the basic difference between them and yourself - they stand high in the eyes of the people
and you look down upon people so that you may rise above yourself. Sir,a person is great because people make them great. Greatness is never self-proclaimed. I don't know but you should have known this after years of experience and you don't need someone who has just entered the world to make you understand this. Power, prestige and prowess are to be commanded never demanded. If people consider you are really
worth it then you won't have to ask for that.

Anger, the one weapon which everyone uses as food for his ego, never realising what a wolf he is feeding who can eat you up anytime once you let it loose.
But the temporary strength which one feels after that makes him feel good - Ah !!! He has satisfied one of the instincts - the ego instinct.
What power I feel, I can ruin anyone, I have the power, I feel the power, I can crush anyone , I love myself, I hate everyoone else, "Aham Brahmasmi!!!"
The moment you think all this a part inside you will die, the part which is the life force inside you and it is overtaken by another force - the "anti-life" force.
Energy is replaced by energy but thats not all the same. Energy can create and so it has power to destroy also. And that is killing you for sure I know. And even you know this. But you can't see your destruction, coz you yourself proclaim that you can't be destroyed.

Whatever wrong you have done to me, I forgive you for that. I am here just to make you realise what wrong you are doing to yourself. I want you to wake up from your conscious sleep and belief on which you are sleeping over for years now.
I know this letter will hurt you where you hate it the most, your sweet ego, but once you realise it you will achieve the peaceful state of mind which you have desired for so long. You will be really really happy.
You will get whatever you wanted, that will be the rebirth of your self-respect. So stop looking it outside. Look inside yourself.

Expecting some improvement with this medicine,
Yours Intern,

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