Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Monday, February 14, 2011


Was undergoing writer's block for quite sometime now, ignored my blog for about 2 months or so, blame it on exams or the mind full of eponyms, weird procedures and names of drugs...lolz.

Rekindle me, I'm all burnt out,
A head full of ideas now has nothing to shout,
The river has stopped flowing downstrream,
Her meanders have lost curves but she can't scream,
It was anticipated, it was meant,
To fulfill a dream I once dreamt,
The drought should end, the barriers are meant to be broken,
Is this a punishment for the road not taken?
As the road demanded a softer longer tread,
The hungry traveller definitely needed some bread,
Have no regrets as it was right,
The other road is definitely not out of sight,
Let the moment pass, let me be away from distractions
I'm not far away from bypass, and the roads meet at conjunction.
Will travel a single path henceforth,
This journey seems difficult but its definitely not worth loathe,
So let the pipes be blown, let the songs be sung,
Let the spooky stars be shown, let the darling moon be hung.


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