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Simply Pritesh
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Starlets

Its Rakhshabandhan today and its raining outside. The last courier from one of my cousin sisters just arrived and many couriers still somewhere in between are trying to get through the jammed Varanasi to reach me. Thanks to the postal department and DTDC, they can't deliver a courier in seven days which they claim to reach in 3 days.Anyhow, was feeling lonely today like many previous Rakhis and the delay added to my loneliness. But even that couldn't decrease my love for my sister cousins who never forget to send me rakhi wherever they are and however busy they may be. So, instead of waiting I thought of writing this piece. Before you start reading this, I want to tell my sisters -
" I love you like anything, I am missing you like never before,
I wished you all were here, or God had given me wings four,
Or would have been able to ride the clouds that are causing this shower,
To meet you all in this very hour".

For my starlets:-

Everyday since my birth I could remember,
I longed for the purest love, sweet and tender,
I knew exactly what it will feel,
Coz I felt that vibe when my mother's touch healed.

In want of more warmth I waited several winters,
Always asked my Mom - "I need a sister",
But god had plans that differed,
Deprived, alone, I used to wither.

Was loved deeply without anyone to share,
Always cared for but none for me to care.

Every rainy August, the paper boats made by me used to drown,
But my baby girl wasn't there to tease me for that and clap around,
To push me in the rain and get me wet,
And complain to Maa -" Why he is always using the internet?"
Snatching away my cellphone and trying to read my messages,
Freaking out when it said - " Only authorised access,
Catching me talking over the phone at night,
Wondering if I found my Miss Right,
Fighting over the larger piece of pizza,
"Gimme dat ya sunaun mummy ko tera Goa wala kissa"
Telling mom everytime " You love him more!!!" and cry,
Drawing her close and then telling her " Someone loves you more re and that's your bhai ".

Mom told me, "Your baby girl is a star in the sky",
So whenever I saw a shooting star I would run to the horizon and look by,
He used to watch from the top and smile,
One day he said to me, "Look around!! Starlets have arrived."
Your love, I think is sufficient for one plus four,
Just as you wanted I give you "MORE"."

I thank you God for such lovely younger sister cousins,
They are five but mischiefs are enough to dazzle a dozen.
Only truth, no lies implied my cherry-pies,
You five are really the apple of my eyes.

"Sonu Bhaiya"

Messages for you this rakhi:-

Shipra Shekhar- You are special in every possible way,
So never doubt youself,okay,
You came and were there for me when I really needed you,
After you came I wished to have sister like you, two,
You never made me feel that I was not your blood,
This feeling can't be expressed in words,
The bond we developed will never die,
However busy I may be with my life,
And certainly not even after I get a wife :-).he he
I am really missing you this Rakhi.
Just Got your card and rakhi.Thank you.

Sneha Shekhar - We don't get to talk that much(thanks to your university for banning cellphones),
But I love you dear too much,
All the best for your life ahead. Get through NET, I wanna see you a scientist.

Snigdha Sukun - Limey !! Now don't ever get afraid of injections,
They are better than catching infections.
Get well soon. Want to see you run like before.
Waiting for your Rakhi!!!

You two are too young to read this. Anyways:-
Sona - Thank you for coming to me this Rakhi. You are the only one near to me at present. Hope you liked the present. This seven year old considers herself as a soap opera star and Sonam kapoor would shy away if she saw her attitude.:-) Good luck Miss India.

Pankhuri- Future Miss Sunita Williams!! Gotto study loads for that. All the best.

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Shipra Shekhar said...

luv u my all i hav gotta say.........:)