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Simply Pritesh
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love without a Love

Guys, tried to make it musical this time. Anyone who can crack the right notes and strike the right chords for this ????... Ishan !!!! :-)

In love without a love, again,
Did lose but ready to lose, again,
In this desert waiting for the rain, again,
Already fed up of this chain, again,
Can you take up the same pain, again ?
But I still wait for the rain, again,
Have I gone Insane, again ?
Can't find the right lane, again.
Do I really need a cane, again ?



Shipra Shekhar said...

U need a sedative ...thts it.

Pritesh said...

naah dont get confused !!!!! sedative won't help coz then i won't be able to do justice to my love which is also my first love thats studying :-) !!

Shivang Sarat said...

hey bhaia you are great poet too!
but sorry to say i cant understand why always "again please send me the reason in gmail

Dr. Pritesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Pritesh said...

"battles have been won,battles have been lost, Another battle awaits to be won at any cost "

the time has come again... pg xms due nest year... need ur support and wishes as usual... teri padhai kaisi chal rahi hain ??

Sagar Upadhyay said...

woha.....rhyming- yeah, meaningful-yeah,wanna hear wht i hav 2 say...keep writing AGAIN-yeah

swadha said...


Loved this one! Very subtly intense!:)

Dr. Pritesh said...

@ sagar : dude... everyone has his story... sometimes the time,people and place differ while the story remains the same... i can figure that out now ...lolz :-)

@swadha : thanks... well, u caught my feelings on the dot dear...