Simply Pritesh

Simply Pritesh
the bond.. the love.. the distance

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The gifts you gave, 27 of them..
Love incorporated in each emblem..
The football mug sits over my desk pretty..
Reminds of the day when together we had tea..
The alarm clock has a guitar that comes alive..
To wake your man who is already sleep deprived..
The vase has no flowers still..
Waiting fr my princess' roses to get filled..
Two frames sit high on the rack..
Our moments captured to be put back to back..
The blanket reminds me of you..
I wrap it around to get a feel of you..
The pillow is my saviour when I am alone..
I hug it tight while lying prone..
The gadget has you in every screen..
Around the woods where we lean..
The drape is warm but not yet used up.
With you not around , I no more feel like dressing up..
The chime and the catcher keeps me sound at night..
The earcuffs are warm and light...
The sandals make me look like bugs bunny
The piggy bank helps me save money..
The candles are waiting fr you to ignite
The shower the soap and the moment right..
The costers and the crystals have found there place..
With your pretty face on, they will never be misplaced..
The jacket is thin but your love keeps me warm..
My best gift is you ..your smile and your charm. Thank you so much love.


The Proposal

While the moon in the sky stares the earth…(E… C…D….E)
Is the time when our journey takes its birth…(Am.. C….Am)

Where the earth meets the air…(C)
We have so much love to share….(Am)
Where the air meets the fire….(C)
I have you to admire…(Am)
Where the fire meets the water blue….(Bm)
I can see its reflections in your eyes with love so true…(C..D..C..E) X 2

While the moon in the sky stares the earth…(E… C…D….E) x 2
Is the time when our journey takes its birth…(Am.. C….Am)
{ Where the water meets the sky…(C)
And you could see the fire fly…(Am) } X 2
Sitting down singing for you… (Bm)
I thank God for giving me the moment to stay with you…. (C..D..C..E) X 2

While the moon in the sky stares the earth…(E… C…D….E) x 2
Is the time when our journey takes its birth…(Am.. C….Am)

{When the moon and the stars look down…(Am..)
To my princess in her gown… (Am..)} X 2
Your twinkling eyes and the radiance … (Bm)
Make them jealous enough to lose their shine and frown….(…E)

I ask your soul for my heart.
Your hurts, your cries, your laughs, your lies,
Your smile your tears, yours ambitions your fears….
I take your everything in full sentiments..
I pledge in the presence of all the five elements…
In this celestial ambience my princess when the universe just froze…
I ask your fragile fingers for the ring in my rose…

Marry Me ANUBHA….

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Soul Song

Oh thou mystery ave, thou chose me to love.
Thou are naïve , they will say, how can a cuckoo get a dove.
You are a wanderer flying long, while I sing in my nest.
People sit beside me for the song, and then leave in hest.

I sung a lullaby for them, since nobody stayed for the sonnet,
Was happy with my poems, and them calling me a poet.
One day I left my nest, and flew towards the mounts,
Was singing aloud and my best, seeing the beauty abound.

Thou were nearby, you could feel the song from my soul,
The soul song pierced thy, heart and love flowed through the hole.
Unaware of what has happened, were back in our nests,
Something destined, was about to happen for the best.

Flying high and flying low, you thought about your soul song,
Thy eyed by the vultures shied below, perched on the shady tree strong.
Nested above in my lonely nest, I sung and waited for you.
Thou will find your song by travelling west, were sure and you knew.

I welcomed you and sung the song, and waited for you to leave like others,
But you wanted to make a nest, and brood thy ”Feathers”,
I knew you won’t leave, so wanted to sing the sonnet I had prepared.
Didn’t know you would like it or not, because never before I dared.

I started it but you already knew the song,
Together we sung, we sung for long,
From the dusk till dawn, we kept singing,
With the feeling that kept sinking.

We have found the song, which lingered in our soul,
We decided to sing together , sing till thy get old,
We will teach it to others, my flock and thy kins,
Will send it to heaven, to release us from sins.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

For the couple who showed me what true love is,
For the people who are so madly, deeply in love ,
For the people who are so integral part of my life,
For the person who is my best friend,
And his better half,
This piece speaks for my unsaid feelings on their behalf...

To the cutest couple ever... AKASH AND PRACHI

I never got a chance to tell you,
How much I get inspired by the love of you two,
Out of the many couples I know,
The sacred love like yours is shared by only a few.

I define love by your names,
I define passion by your flames.
My camera loves it when you two are in frame,
And clicks a picture perfect for which I am blamed.

The love you share,
Is blessed divine ,
You are the angels sent by Gods,
To propagate their sacred line,

Lucky am I to breathe the fragrance of your love,
Which has made a crow's heart into the heart of a dove.
It tried to fly it tried to connect,
But never could find a scent so perfect,
As there is the air,
That you two share.

You have unknowingly raised,
The standards of what I called love,
Coz now I seek a match,
Which can even attempt to match,
The passion of yours...

This holy day of your unison,
Prayers are being sent to heaven,
In line,
Is A small prayer of mine,
I wish you own a place so fine,,
Where I can often invite myself to dine.
I wish you travel to exotic worlds and wilderness,
To fill your soul with eternal happiness,
I wish you busy weekdays and leisurely weekends.
To chill and relax with your beloved and friends.
My one selfish wish donno will be granted or not,
I wish your company for the vacations I sought.
I know we will be busy saving lives,
But Guys! We will find some time out for a scuba dive.
Or boat rides in serene lagoons,
Making up a bonfire and staring the moon.
With 'The Ones' we ought to be,
And maybe, just may be with your babies. ;)

Congratulations on the start of your forever.
May the two of you live happily ever-after.
And keep looking cute with yours 'even cuter' babies together.
Just remember this little heart and his prayer.


-- Pritesh ;)